Replay live stream KURA Limitless event

A life driven by purpose knows no bounds; it's truly limitless.

If you couldn't attend the live event, you can now wacht the live streaming replay!

Replay live stream KURA Limitless event


“I released blockages that I did not know I had and when you release blockages, your business will catapult in a successful and fulfilling business.”


“I shifted from working for others to working for my own dream and my own niche. And I now feel comfortable to invest in it. This month I signed my biggest 1;1 client so far and I feel I’m worth every euro of it!”


“Working with Dani as my business coach is the perfect mix between feminine and masculine. She always teaches us that we need both. Other business coaches often focus on one of the two, but we need both to succeed as entrepreneurs.”


“With Daniela it is not about strategy, you get to follow what you really desire and do it in a way that suits your unique style. Not following how others did things but really listening to what will work for you.”